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Each Year, 11,000 Accidents Occur Due to Underinflated & Worn Out Tires

Don’t become a statistic.

Schedule a fleet analysis Fuel & Tire Saver - Safety

You’re responsible for ensuring your passengers arrive safely at their destinations.

Fuel & Tire Saver (FTS) partners with bus fleets to make sure it happens. We optimize your performance by filling your tires with nitrogen and reporting on any changes.

FTS graphic Tire Hazard Sign

Keep Your Fleet Protected and Passengers Safe

Underinflation & Wear & Tear Can Cause Critical Performance Issues

It’s all about traction. Underinflated and worn tread reduces the amount of traction a bus has on the road, particularly when the road is wet, icy, or rough. Undiscovered punctures and sidewall damage can create rapid tire pressure loss and loss of vehicle control.

The Risks vs The Benefits of Regular Tire Inflation Services

NOT Properly Performing Monthly Tire Maintenance

Nitrogen Inflation + Properly Performing Monthly Tire Maintenance

The Truth Is In the Numbers.

FTS mobile nitrogen tire inflation services can change your bottom line and improve operations significantly.

6,000 Minutes

An 80 hour week + 20 hours overtime — that’s how much time is required to maintain the tires of a fleet of 100 buses.

300% Safer

Underinflated tires are 3x more likely to be involved in an accident, according to NHTSA.

125% Savings

Tires that are properly inflated pay for themselves in reduced wear, improved gas mileage and reduced personnel hours.

40 Gallons +

In a FTS bus study, we discovered we can save one bus 47 gallons in fuel economy.

Leave nothing to chance or scheduled for later.

Too often, FTS arrives on site to find buses regularly operating at over 35% underinflation, risking lives and wasting money on tire expenses, man hours and gas mileage. It all adds up.

Let FTS provide you with an on site Fleet Analysis to see how your fleet performs and learn more about how FTS on site service can improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency.


FTS Services Means More than Improved Safety

Our proprietary mobile nitrogen tire inflation service vehicles provide you with consistent data and reporting to accurately and efficiently refine budgeting.

Get Your Own Fleet Tire Efficiency Analysis today

School Bus Tire Status Diagram

Vehicle Tire Life Map

Shows the on-vehicle tire inventory and expected tire replacement date. Eliminates premature replacement costs and promotes predictive replacement scheduling.

Tire Life Heat Map

Tire Life Heat Map

Shows tire life by vehicle, by tire position, for the entire fleet. Allows maintenance team to focus on near-team problem areas with confidence that the rest of the fleet is in good shape.

FTS MPG Improvement Chart

FTS MPG Improvement Chart

Through our proprietary tire management solution, we also track MPG improvement from our service, which provides a window into efficient bus operations.


All American Drivers Handbook

Mar 19, 2020
This 2010 edition of the Blue Bird All American Drivers Handbook offers expert guidance from the leader in student and public transportation on its equipment, operating, and maintenance procedures, including tire safety and inspection protocols. Read the full handbook here. Read More →

NTSB Safety Alert on Tire Safety

Feb 14, 2020
Poor tire maintenance, including worn tread and underinflation, contribute to 600 deaths and 19,000 injuries each year. This safety bulletin by the National Transportation Safety Board outlines tire inflation and inspection recommendations to help reduce crash risks. Read more. Read More →

US Dept of Transportation – Motorcoach and School Bus Fire Safety Analysis

Dec 19, 2019
This 2016 report analyzes motorcoach and school bus fire safety to help identify the causes, frequency, and severity of those fires and determine potential ways to prevent or reduce their severity, including tire pressure monitoring and other inspection standards. Read more. Read More →