What is a Tire Pressure Management Service?

We assess the pressure in every tire, every month, and fill it with nitrogen for optimized tire performance – better handling, better mileage, and lower risk of flats or blow outs in commercial fleets.

Tire Optimization Saves Fuel,
Extends Tire Life

Tire Oxidation:

On Site Service at a Low Net Cost To You

FTS helps reduce vehicle downtime as we come to you with our hi-tech mobile tire inflation vehicles to quickly and easily monitor, analyze, inflate and report on every tire on every bus every month. We make tire pressure maintenance a priority so you don’t have to.

With gas prices so high you can improve your fuel economy and extend the life of your tires.

Help lower overall fuel costs and reduce emissions from diesel engines. Additionally, reducing DEF consumption can improve vehicle performance and decrease maintenance requirements on a fleet’s vehicles.

Winter weather can be hard on your vehicle. Cold temperatures and snow, ice, and slush make it difficult for vehicles to maintain their fuel efficiency.

Inflating your tires with nitrogen, instead of regular air, prevents oxidation by blocking out moisture and oxygen that can cause damage to the tire over time.

At the core of tire safety and performance is proper air pressure. Our professionals are trained to ensure tires have been inflated to the exact pressure settings.

By replacing wet, oxygenated compressed air with dry, high-purity nitrogen, the risk of corrosion and the degradation of sensitive process materials can be reduced or eliminated.

Nitrogen provides a slow and steady release of pressure, while also keeping the tire temperature consistent.

Our tire professionals are professionally trained and are certified to identify any potential tire damage.

Our team of technicians are trained to spot any signs of leakage or damage in the stems, valves, and tires.

Preventative maintenance is a key part of ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition.

With over 11,000 bus crashes a year, it’s time to make tire pressure maintenance a priority.

It takes 60 minutes to correctly inflate tires on a single bus. Let us give your time back so you can focus on other parts of your business.

With labor shortages at an all-time high, don’t let poorly-maintained tires be a reason to lose drivers.

Help save the environment and let your customers know you’re doing your part.

You’re able to save on labor costs and guarantee that your deliveries arrive punctually, translating into more money for your business.

Decreasing your carbon footprint can have a significant effect on the environment.

About FTS Mobile Tire Inflation Services

Our hi-tech mobile tire inflation vehicles can come to your location and perform our monthly tire inflation services on-site.

Reduce Downtime

Our hitech vehicles arrive on site and complete tire inflation maintenance in the lot without moving the vehicle, freeing maintenance bay space for more important repairs.

Reduce Labor Hours

By outsourcing your tire pressure maintenance to FTS, you free up your mechanics and technicians to perform more intensive maintenance while still getting the benefits of regular tire pressure maintenance.

Improve Operations

Freeing up your technicians and mechanics all while freeing up bays for additional maintenance can have significant improvements on your overall operations and improve safety & profits.

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