Statistical Tire Pressure Control

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What is Statistical Tire Pressure Control?

Statistical Tire Pressure Control (STPC) is a technique used in the automotive industry to monitor and analyze tire pressure. It helps reduce the risk of tire failure by providing real-time feedback on the pressures and temperatures of individual tires, allowing corrective action to be taken when necessary.

Learn how FTS analyzes Statistical Tire Pressure below!

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After an extensive research process, we uncovered that it can be incredibly difficult to keep tires at their optimal levels of inflation:

We determined there was a significant cost recovery scenario in the waste in fuel and tire life due to underinflation. 

A) Tires by self:  all tires leak, -they leak at rest, they leak when operating (the temperature of the tire goes up and the pressure goes up so high pressure means they leak more!) they leak when drivers hit potholes, they leak faster when drivers run up on the curb with all weight on one tire. 

B) Wheel assemblies:  leak, stem valves leak, rim damage causing leaks, nails, and punctures.   

C) Temperature changes: as you know when temp changes tire pressure changes.

D) Poor inflation practices: some fleets tires are systematically underinflated because the tires are inflated after a trip when tire temps are hot- when the tires cool they will be underinflated.

The STPC Process

By providing systematic very accurate inflation with our AASTRAEA Nitrogen we try to maintain 3 standard deviations of set pressures variability. 

We gather all the tire pressure data.

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By utilizing this 80,000 lbs truck with flatbed trailer in the southeastern United States, we were able to save a massive 4,000 gallons of fuel within one year.

Our tire engineers in Virginia use cellular networks to gather data from our sources. In this image, we specifically examine the pressure of tires for further analysis.

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In this image, we look closely at tire wear.

We then analyze the tire pressure and tire wear data.

We then analyze the tire wear rate and when tires are changed.

Then we customize set pressures.  This is implemented on the next visit.

The results are significant.

Delivering 73% ROI during the first month and each month thereafter.

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