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Anticipate Tire Life With Predictive Maintenance Reporting


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Predictive Fleet Maintenance Improves Operations

Our proprietary mobile nitrogen tire inflation service vehicles provide you with consistent data and reporting to accurately and efficiently refine budgeting.

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Maintain Accurate Records

In the event of an accident, maintenance records are the first item investigators review. Protect your team and fleet by maintaining consistent maintenance records.

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Improve Budgeting

By monitoring tire pressure, we can better predict the end of tire life, helping you better prepare your budget and anticipate tire replacement times.

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Improve Maintenance Time

When you effectively monitor your tires month-to-month, you can improve your maintenance time and improve your scheduling for other maintenance needs.

Tell Us About Your Fleet & See How Much FTS Can Save You

Learn how to save money and time with FTS.

FTS Services Means More Than Just Time and Money Savings

FTS protects you with extremely well documented maintenance reports on every single bus and tire you operate so you don’t have to.

School Bus Tire Status Diagram

Vehicle Tire Life Map

Shows the on-vehicle tire inventory and expected tire replacement date. Eliminates premature replacement costs and promotes predictive replacement scheduling.

Tire Life Heat Map

Tire Life Heat Map

Shows tire life by vehicle, by tire position, for the entire fleet. Allows maintenance team to focus on near-team problem areas with confidence that the rest of the fleet is in good shape.

Maintenance Receipts

Shows the tire-by-tire results for each bus in your fleet.

The Truth Is In the Numbers.

FTS mobile nitrogen tire inflation services can change your bottom line and improve operations significantly.

6,000 Minutes

An 80 hour week + 20 hours overtime — that’s how much time is required to maintain the tires of a fleet of 100 buses.

300% Safer

Underinflated tires are 3x more likely to be involved in an accident, according to NHTSA.

125% Savings

Tires that are properly inflated pay for themselves in reduced wear, improved gas mileage and reduced personnel hours.

40 Gallons +

In a FTS bus study, we discovered we can save one bus 47 gallons in fuel economy.


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