The Daily Wear and Tear Of Your Tires

On a daily basis, tires go through constant changes that have a a negative, compounding impact on tire life and tire tread.

Because air inflated tires leak oxygen molecules through the rubber tire membrane, underinflation speeds up the cycle even more. Proper nitrogen tire inflation is the answer to this destructive cycle because nitrogen can sustain higher heat levels triggered during use, and bigger N2 molecules don’t leak from the tires at the same rate as air.


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Why Nitrogen is the Best Solution

Since 2004, nitrogen has been replacing air in commercial fleets, cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. Nitrogen is superior to air in maintaining pressure in any temperature, improving safety, fuel economy, the life of your tires.


Maximize Fleet Utilization

Keep your commercial fleet on the road so you can earn more money.

Save Money on Fuel & Tires

With gas prices so high, improve your fuel economy and extend the life of your tires.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Help save the environment and let your customers know you're doing your part.

Retain Your Drivers

With labor shortages at an all-time high, don't let poorly-maintained tires be a reason to lose drivers. ​

Why Our ASTRAEA III Nitrogen Is The Best Solution

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Nitrogen provides better tire pressure retention during the daily life of a tire. Nitrogen molecules are larger and less likely to escape through the tire wall, maintaining tire pressure, improving handling and fuel economy all while reducing tire wear. The secret to successful use of nitrogen is consistent and regular inflation with high quality nitrogen gas.

Oxygen vs Nitrogen

Regular Air Filled Tire

  • Tire heats up fast
  • Air easily permeates the tire wall
  • Air pressure reduced frequently
  • Moisture causes large swings in tire pressure

Nitrogen Filled Tire

  • Tires remain cooler
  • Air pressure retained for longer periods
  • Lighter tires
  • Dry, high-quality nitrogen is more stable and eliminates drastic pressure swings

Find Out How Nitrogen Tire Inflation Can Benefit Your Fleet