Patented Mobile Nitrogen Tire Inflation Services for Commercial Fleets

We assess the pressure in every tire, every month, and fill with nitrogen for optimized tire performance - better handling, better mileage and lower risk of flats or blow outs in commercial fleets.

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At Fuel & Tire Saver Solutions, we bring modern technology to your business by providing mobile nitrogen tire inflation services and tire data analytics.

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On Site Service at a Low Net Cost To You

FTS helps reduce vehicle downtime as we come to you with our hi-tech mobile tire inflation vehicles to quickly and easily monitor, analyze, inflate and report on every tire on every bus every month. We make tire pressure maintenance a priority so you don't have to.

Benefits of FTS Services

Save Money

Reduce expenses by improving fuel economy, labor and vehicle downtime.

Save Time

It takes 60 minutes to correctly inflate tires on a single bus. Let us give you 60 minutes back.

Improve Safety

With 11,000 bus crashes per year, it’s time to make tire pressure maintenance a priority.

The Truth Is In the Numbers.

FTS mobile nitrogen tire inflation services can change your bottom line and improve operations significantly.


An 80 hour week + 20 hours overtime — that’s how much time is required to maintain the tires of a fleet of 100 buses.


Underinflated tires are 3x more likely to be involved in an accident, according to NHTSA.


Tires that are properly inflated pay for themselves in reduced wear, improved gas mileage and reduced personnel hours.

Gallons +

In a FTS bus study, we discovered we can save one bus 47 gallons in fuel economy.

Nitrogen Tire Filling for Improved Performance, Reduced Cost

Since 2004, nitrogen has been replacing air in cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. The fact is, it is superior to air in maintaining pressure in any temperature, reducing inflation loss, and increasing tire longevity. FTS uses Nitrogen in all of our tire fills because this one small change in tire maintenance, particularly in heavier, multi-tire vehicles, can save thousands of dollars annually.


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